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Products name:BB-07  Price: 54.-  

Product Description

  Bluetooth Bracelet with Vibration SMS, display Callers name and number display, answer/conversation/hangup phone call


* Callers name and number display (name and number)
* Unconnection warning after 5-10M(vibration warning)
* incoming vibration for alert
* answer/conversation/hangup
* Earphone support.
* MP3 play support.
* synchronization Telephones contacts
* time display

Technical Specification:
* Compatible to Bluetooth 2.1 (standard)
* Class 2 standard (10 meters)
* Working Frequency: 2.4GHz
* Workable distance 5-10M
* Auto energy-saving mode
* Low power consumption mode/ high speed operation mode
* Safety certificate, data encryption


Accessories: data/USB line + charger + manual

50 pieces/carton
G.W: 11kg
Carton size: 51 *21*40CM




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